7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast As An Entrepreneur- The Monday Show EP10

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 7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast If You're An Entrepreneur

7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast As An Entrepreneur- The Monday Show EP10

Hello once again to all our Smart-Es!

Welcome to the The Monday Show Podcast!

This is a show where we, Stella Hui and Cam H Lynch, discuss topics, run tutorials and address issues that affect people like you. The modern entrepreneur, wantrepreneur or those of you wondering how leave your 9 to 5 job.

Every episode, we share stories of our own journey to #businessfreedom, run handy guides on how to start and grow your business, plus heaps more!

On this episode of The Monday Show, we chat about getting into the big, wide world of podcasting and starting your own podcast!

If you’re an Entrepreneur or wantrepreneur looking to make the jump from your 9 to 5, this podcast will:
– Show you that podcasting can be right up your alley in term of content creation
– Reveal the many additional, unknown benefits podcasting can give new people to the podcasting game
– Give you some insights into how to disarm the fear of speaking to your audience

These points and much more will enable you to see the many benefits of starting a podcast as an entrepreneur
or wantrepreneur looking to ditch the 9 to 5.

As promised, here are the links, people and resources mentioned in the show:

– Top Tools You Need To Start Start Your Own Podcast
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How To Start Your Own Blog – Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab
Freakonomics Radio
Planet Money – An NPR Podcast
Orson Welles
War Of The Worlds
Serial Podcast
Chuck Palaniuk

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