The Monday Show – Why Perfectionism Is The Killer Of Progress

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The Monday Show – Why Perfectionism Is The Killer Of Progress

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the very first (of many) Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast, called The Monday Show.

We originally recorded this (and a lot of other) episodes at the end of 2016 and well… let’s just say a lot has happened between then and now.

So much so, we’ve only been able to get around to launching this podcast now.

Crazy stuff!

We have a TON of awesome content to share with you including more business and entrepreneur insights, amazing interviews with other entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, tech and social media news, plus a cavalcade of curious content that will help you with your entrepreneurial exploits!

We hope you enjoy our very first episode of the Smart E Labs podcast. Please let us know what you thought in the comments or connect with us via email or social media.

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – We hit the reset button on a perfectly good site! Why?!
04:47 – Being a perfectionist and why it doesn’t matter
06:45 – Perfection doesn’t exist and can kill passion
09:20 – The search for perfection is a time suck
10:00 – Perfectionism can be detrimental to what you create and your audience
11:00 – Good enough IS Good enough
12:10 – Going back to Pareto’s Rule
13:50 – You can’t please everyone – Somebody WILL be offended
15:00 – Holding off showing your work doesn’t benefit your audience
17:50 – Final Thoughts

Books mentioned in the show (Affiliate Links)
Show Your Work By Austin Kleon
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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