PODCAST: Shareable EP01 – Design & Branding With Jessie Ford Coots

Shareable – Jessie Ford Coots Hello and welcome to SHAREABLE – Our new podcast series where we chat to amazing entrepreneurs from around the globe! Our first guest for Shareable is an inspirational young lady named Jessie Ford Coots. Jessie […]

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The 4 Management Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s during the start up phase with only one or two employees, to running a multi-tiered business during your peak season; when you’re busy and your concentration and judgement lapses, you can easily make some […]

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5 Major Management Mistakes You Must Avoid

One of the hardest things for me in running a business is people management. When you deal with people, you are also dealing with their health, emotions, opinions, personalities, relationships, intelligence and whatever turmoil they happen to be going through. […]

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