Podcast: Shareable EP 14 – Optus Businesswoman Of The Year, Smart E Lab’s Own Stella Hui

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 14 – Optus Businesswoman Of The Year, Smart E Lab’s Own Stella Hui

Hello once again and welcome to the podcast known as Shareable where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Cam H Lynch here for another dose of entrepreneurial podcast insight for your listening pleasure.

Today’s guest is Smart E Lab’s own Stella Hui.

In this unique episode of Shareable, we chat with Stella on the short version of her business history and her experience and lessons learnt by winning the Optus Businesswoman of the year for 2016.

Lots of fun and we feel you’ll gain a lot from this conversation. So without further ado, let’s hear from Stella Hui!

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Introduction
02:20 – The start of Stella’s Entrepreneurial journey
06:00 – Offline Businesses and Online Businesses; which do you prefer and what challenges for each type of bsuiness?
08:00 – The biggest challenges Stella currently faces
10:00 – Stella’s business highlight prior to winning the award
12:30 – How Stella’s award nomination came about
18:00 – How to stand out from the crowd
22:00 – What the win means to Stella

Resources/People mentioned in this episode (Affiliate Links where applicable):

Samson Go Mic (the mic we used to record this podcast)
Stella’s Article in MyBusiness.com.au – Tips to success from award-winning businesswoman

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