PODCAST: Shareable EP 12 – Leveraging Social Media For Smaller Brands & The Digital Nomad Lifestyle With Erica Blair

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 12 – Leveraging Social Media For Smaller Brands & The Digital Nomad Lifestyle With Erica Blair

Hello once again and welcome to the podcast known as Shareable where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Cam H Lynch here for another dose of entrepreneurial podcast insight for your listening pleasure.

Today’s guest is an exciting young lady named Erica Blair.

Erica runs a digital marketing strategy consultancy for small businesses where she designs strategies for small business owners and solopreneurs to use social media and digital marketing to increase their positive impact in the world.
I am also in the midst of writing a book called Digital Nomad Mindset, about the new movement of digital nomads who are traveling the world while running online businesses.

On the episode, Erica shares her experiences growing her marketing business while also traveling internationally and living abroad in Thailand. We also converse about her decision to leave the US, why coming to Asia actually helped to significantly expand her business, insights Erica gained while conducting interviews of other digital nomads for her book, plus much more.

Some small disclaimers:
– This episode was actually recorded back at the end of 2016, but all the details are up to date. If you want up-to-the-minute info on Erica, you can find all her contact details in the show notes.
– Erica has since shifted her biz model a lot, not spending as much time on Snapchat and I’m now working exclusively as a personal branding coach for people launching new coaching & consulting businesses

So without further ado, let’s move onto our conversation with the ever busy, Erica Blair!

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Who is Erica Blair?
04:00 – Describe Yourself!
06:00 – The fields of work Erica’s business skill set gels the best with
08:00 – Developing brands to make a difference to the world.
11:00 – As a 2nd Generation Entrepreneur – The lessons Erica can teach her Mother and vice versa
15:30 – The focus on the client’s motivation
18:00 – Erica’s Origin Story: How Erica started in the Palo Alto Tech Scene and how she ended up a Digital Nomad in Thailand
29:30 – Erica’s take on smaller brands who use social media marketing and how they need to compete with the larger brands
34:00 – Looking at platforms like Snapchat and Facebook, in terms of visibility for smaller brands
42:15 – Next stop, Boulder Colorado! Then, Chiang Mai Thailand! The entrepreneur hubs and tech scenes around the world
46:00 – Advocacy of The Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Leaving the US, motivations, apprehensions and what the US needs to do to lift their global game
56:00 – The biggest challenges in relocating abroad
01:01:30 – The Book Writing Process – Erica’s Take
01:10:30 – Erica’s Best Business Hack
01:20:00 – How Introverts can slowly transition to being comfortable being in front of the camera for Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat etc

Where you can find Erica Online:
Erica’s main site

Resources/People mentioned in this episode (Affiliate Links where applicable):

Palo Alto Tech Scene/Silicon Valley
Derek Sivers
Meerkat Wiki

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