PODCAST: Shareable EP 11 – The Importance Of Mentors & Investing In Yourself With Katya Sarmiento

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 11 – The Importance Of Mentors & Investing In Yourself With Katya Sarmiento

Hello once again and welcome to the podcast known as Shareable where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Cam H Lynch here for another dose of entrepreneurial podcast insight for your listening pleasure.

Today’s guest is Katya Sarmiento (I worked hard on getting the pronunciation just right!) – she’s an expert in technology and systems for online businesses. She’s the founder of ReachAndMakeMillions.com which provides done-for-you tech services for successful, booked out entrepreneurs and coaches that want to scale up their business and start earning passive income.

With her help as Chief Tech Officer, Katya’s clients have grown their list by thousands of subscribers in just a matter of a few months, launched telesummits and hosted webinars without tech issues, created multiple passive income revenue streams, and launched modern, high-converting websites and back-end sales funnels that sell.

She is now on a mission to help other entrepreneurs spend less time making more money and changing the world, so that they can have more time for their personal life and build the business of their dreams

This was a great episode overall where Katya and I bounced around from old PC games like Sim City and Theme Park, to Katya’s coaching certification and how that opened doors for her in an entrepreneurial sense, Katya’s best business hack, realizing the value of your skill set, plus a whole lot more.

Some small disclaimers
– This episode was actually recorded back at the end of 2016, but all the details are up to date. If you want up-to-the-minute info on Katya, you can find all her contact details in the show notes.
– I was personally horrible in this podcast – I know, these things can happen! – But my editing skills were hopefully better than my hosting skills and I’ve managed to cobble together some halfway cohesive sentences on my end.
– Katya is also giving away to Smart E Labs Podcast listeners a free guide and tech toolkit that helps entrepreneurs discover the exact systems and tools they’ll need in their business to spend less time making more money (and changing the world). Again the link is in the show notes below.

So that we’re all up to speed, please enjoy our conversation with Katya Sarmiento!

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Who is Katya Sarmiento?
04:30 – Describe Yourself!
08:45 – Business education trends among creative professionals
11:00 – Katya’s Origin Story: From Theme Park and Sim City to self teaching HTML and CSS
14:35 – Overcoming youth depression through mindfulness, coaching and NLP
17:15 – The light-bulb moment when Katya realized the value of her skill set
21:00 – The benefits Katya gained from talking a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based coaching certification
30:45 – The biggest challenges Katya faces running her business
39:40 – How recognizing being different lead Katya down the path to entrepreneurship and overcoming the mental roadblocks to success
46:45 – The influence Katya’s entrepreneur father had on her life
50:30 – Katya’s Best Business Hack
51445 – Why Katya preferred to pay for services she could have easily exchanged her services for
01:00:20 – Advice for Katya’s 8 year old self (Yes, 8 year old – it’s not a typo!)

Where you can find Katya Online:

Reach and Make Millions
Katya’s Free Guide and Tech Toolkit
Facebook Biz Page
Reach And Make Millions FB Group
Young Online Entrepreneurs FB Group

Resources/People mentioned in this episode (Affiliate Links where applicable):

Tony Robbins
Tim Ferriss
Derek Sivers
Seth Godin

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