PODCAST: Shareable EP 10 – A Journey From Chaos to Peace With Conny Graf

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 10 – A Journey From Chaos to Peace With Conny Graf

Hello once again and welcome to the podcast known as Shareable where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Cam H Lynch here for another dose of entrepreneurial podcast insight for your listening pleasure.

Today’s guest is Conny Graf who has a unique and interesting story.

Starting as a Swiss certified Accountant & Controller, she pivoted SUPER hard and is now a Clutter Clearing Practitioner certified by Karen Kingston.

Now Conny helps creatives, entrepreneurs and the self employed to get control of their finances, business plans and to “Tame Their File Monster”

In our conversation we spoke about the thought processes and ideology of education and what that means for the modern era and young people today, the Swiss education system, being true to yourself and trusting your instinct when it comes to being an entrepreneur, how to overcome preconceived notions and how to parlay skill sets you might’ve learned in the corporate world into the more unconventional career paths.

A fun conversation with the great Conny Graf. Please enjoy!

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Who is Conny Graf?
03:15 – Describe Yourself!
06:30 – Using a corporate skill set for your own business; by design or something else?
12:30 – The cultural norms of Switzerland
19:00 – Debunking the college and education myths worldwide
34:30 – Is Switzerland more progressive than it used to be?
36:00 – Conny’s massive career pivot, life sea-change, cowboy husband and how these changes have changed her life and career
47:30 – The biggest challenges Conny faces running her Clutter Clearing business
56:00 – Conny’s Best Business Hack
59:15 – Best advice to Conny’s 18 year old self
Where you can find Conny Online:
Conny’s website
Conny’s Clear Your Cluttered Workspace E Course
Resources/People mentioned in this episode (Affiliate Links where applicable):

Seth Godin
Alt MBA – Seth’s Business Course
Marc Andreessen
Naval Ravikant
Scott Adams
Malcolm Gladwell
Revisionist History

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