PODCAST: Shareable EP 08 – Running A Non Profit Human Circus With Sarah Ritchie

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 08 – Running a non-profit human circus with Sarah Ritchie

Hello once again and welcome to the podcast known as Shareable where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Today’s guest is another entrepreneur who started off in a very regimented way of life but has since seen success in the creative and artistic arena.

Sarah Ritchie is the Co-Director lead Choreographer of Kinetica, Western Australia’s premiere performing arts company and circus school.

Sarah previously trained as an Artistic Gymnast for 10 over years finishing at International Elite level. But when injury put an end to her gymnastics career she transferred her knowledge to coaching young gymnasts at recreational, state and national levels. Shortly thereafter, Sarah discovered and developed a passion for circus training.

Years later, together with her long term training partner Rebecca, Sarah established Kinetica Circus Arts in 2012. From there, her and her team are able to develop elite circus performers in Perth along with bringing the joy and craziness of circus to as many people as possible, in many different capacities.

Along with success as both a stand alone performer and an entrepreneur, Sarah’s company Kinetica has also recently seen great success as they scooped the best circus award for the Perth FringeWorld arts festival. A feat which, as someone who has been a part of Fringe and seen how strong the competition is year after year – is no mean feat!

In our conversation Sarah and I talk about the unique challenges Sarah faces running a human circus school, her experiences with sponsorship and government initiatives and what she needed to be aware of, why the school has decided to remain a not-for-profit entity and how that ties into their values and what they do, working with millennials and millennial performers and how to get the best out of them, Sarah’s best business hacks and much more!

This was a great conversation in regards to creatives and the different opportunities you can leverage if you’re in the right field or have the right sort of culture or values in your business. Sarah and her company have a very clear vision of what they are setting out to achieve and this episode really highlights that.

A small disclaimers before we begin
– this interview was actually conducted back at the end of last year, but as far as I know, all the details are up to date. But make sure you drop Sarah a line via her website or social media – all the links and details will be in the show notes.

So without further ado, let’s get into our conversation with Sarah Ritchie!

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Introduction – Who is Sarah Ritchie?
03:30 – Describe yourself!
05:30 – Differentiating the Human Circus from the Traditional Circus in the mainstream
06:45 – Using language and phrases to better define the product or experience
07:45 – Where Sarah started off before Kinetica
09:00 – Defining the circus and gymnastic disciplines
12:20 – Sarah is thrown into the business deep end head first!
14:30 – The importance of a business partner for creative professionals
18:55 – The biggest challenges Sarah faces running a human circus school
21:30 – Unique business challenges from Sarah’s industry
25:20 – Sarah’s experience with government assistance in the form of grants and youth or community initiatives
30:45 – Why Kinetica has decided to remain a non profit organization
32:50 – How Sarah gets the best out of her millennial employees and performers
37:45 – Sarah’s Business Hacks
41:00 – Business advice for Sarah’s 20 year old self
47:15 – Final Thoughts

Where you can find Sarah online

Kinetica – Circus|Dance|Theatre
Sarah’s Instagram
Rebecca’s Instagram
Resources mentioned in the show

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