PODCAST: Shareable EP 07 – Building A Consistent Meditation Practice With Boom Shikha

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 07 – Building a consistent meditation practice with Boom Shikha

Hello happy podcast people! I hope you are all well and welcome to Shareable!

This is the podcast where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide, and they share business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

Firstly, Happy International Women’s Day! I hope all the lovely and amazing women out there are having a wonderful day!

Today’s guest is a very busy gal!! Her name is Boom Shikha and she is a serial entrepreneur, wanderluster, online-business owner, yogi, author, and avid meditator.

Boom runs the Millionaire Hippie, a resource where she shares her rags-to-riches story and teaches others how to become digital nomad coaches just like her.
But in her personal coaching practice, her message is simple: She wants to teach people that building a consistent meditation practice of just five minutes a day can absolutely transform their lives.
No hours of silent prayer or chanting. No need to shake around magic beads or whatnot… Although I’m sure you could if the urge really compelled you!
Boom believes that just five minutes a day can lead your mind, body and spirit to evolve completely.

This conversation was very interesting for many different reasons. Boom and I chat about the unique challenges she faces when trying to coach and teach meditation to others, how popular TM or transcendental meditation apps have been a hindrance or a help in opening up meditation to a wider audience, how her teachings differ from those you see or experience in the popular apps such as Calm or Headspace, even diving into some of the more personal experiences with Boom and her recounting of instances where her meditative practice has moved her to tears, her daily meditation practices and of course so much more.

This conversation was a eye opener for me in so many ways and I hope you all find it enlightening as well.

A couple of small disclaimers;
– this interview was actually conducted back at the end of last year, but as far as I know, all the details are up to date. But make sure you drop Boom a line via her website or social media – all the links and details will be in the show notes.
– Boom has been extremely busy in the interim; she has written 4 ebooks and a video course since this podcast was recorded. So again, check those out at the links provided in the show notes.
– If you want to find out more about using mindfulness meditation which has helped me tremendously in the past, you can check out the blog post I wrote on the site called “What Is Mindfulness? An Entrepreneur’s Introduction To Meditation”. It can give you a quick overview on what that is, how it helped me and how it can help you – the modern entrepreneur and you can find the link in the show notes as well.

Excellent! Now on to our conversation with the charming Boom Shikha.

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Introduction – Who is Boom Shikha?
04:30 – Describe yourself!
07:15 – The challenges of teaching meditative practises
10:15 – Defining the “why” of your actions
13:00 – Thoughs on potential stigmas in the coaching space
17:15 – Before The Millionaire Hippie: Boom Shikha’s Origin Story
23:00 – Battling the “impostor syndrome” as a coach and entrepreneur
27:50 – Additional challenges in the meditation and coaching space
32:30 – Do modern meditation apps help bringing the merits of meditation to the mainstream?
35:30 – What are Boom’s meditative practice of choice and daily meditative routines?
40:15 – Are people scared of what they might discover if sit alone in silence too long?
42:15 – Boom’s breakthrough and explanation of breaking into tears during meditation
47:15 – Boom’s Business Hacks
53:00 – Advice for Boom’s 18 year old self

Where you can find Boom Shikha online:

The Millionaire Hippie
The Millionaire Hippie Club
The Millionaire Hippie Podcast
Resources (affiliate links where applicable):
What Is Mindfulness? An Entrepreneur’s Introduction To Meditation by Smart E Labs
Wim Hof
The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield
Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t by Steven Pressfield
Meet Edgar
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