PODCAST: Shareable EP 05 – Helping freelancers build their own sustainable businesses with Jason Resnick

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 05 – Helping freelancers build their own sustainable businesses with Jason Resnick

Hello once again and welcome to the Smart E Labs Podcast series, Shareable!

On today’s show we have a very in-depth chat with Jason Resnick.

Jason is a freelance web developer that helps established e-commerce websites increase their sales by optimizing their site for conversions. While focusing on WooCommerce/WordPress based websites, Jason also helps those looking to build custom features into their e-commerce website.

This was a very interesting episode for me as I’ve always been interested in the technical sides of web development and how those in the industry cross the void of the technical to the personal. Jason prides himself as a web developer who has a bit more of a emotional vocabulary than your usual web developer. But Jason’s real passion lies in helping other freelancers build their own sustainable businesses.
We chat about how how Jason came to become a freelancer, his learning of code through college, the highs and lows of the dot.com era, overcoming the stigma of the “flaky freelancer” and tons more.

So many brilliant insights here for anyone who is a freelancer or is considering becoming one. Plus some technical nerd speak and baseball card talk thrown in for good measure!

Now that you’re all caught up, please enjoy our conversation with Jason Resnick.

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Introduction – Who is Jason Resnick?
02;45 – Describe yourself!
04:00 – Defining an ideal lifestyle
06:45 – Freelancers jumping to entrepreneurship, or happy being freelancers?
12:35 – Jason’s path from Freelancer in early 2000s to where he is now
14:45 – Learning programming through a college education system versus a peer-taught system
23:00 – Jason’s biggest challenges in running his web development service
27:15 – Seeing the best and worst of his industry and measuring your own benchmark of success
34:45 – The forgotten aspects about becoming a sustainable freelancer
40:45 – Why Jason moved from Ruby On Rails to WordPress
45:00 – Jason’s best business hack
49:15 – Advice for Jason’s 20 year old self

Where you can find Jason online:

Sustainable Freelancer

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