PODCAST: The Monday Show – The Pros and Cons of Hiring Your Own VAs

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: The Monday Show – The Pros and Cons of Hiring Your Own VAs

Hello once again to all our Smart-Es!

On today’s show, we wrap on our experiences with VAs or Virtual Assistants.

Good? Bad? Something else altogether?

Kinda all of the above really… But why bother writing about it when you can just listen?
Make sure you stay tuned until the end to find out how you can snag yourself a copy of Chris Ducker’s Virtual Freedom!

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Smart E Labs podcast. Please let us know what you thought in the comments or connect with us via email or social media.

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Intro

02:50 – Chris Ducker’s book Virtual Freedom
05:30 – The Pros we’ve experienced hiring VAs
15:40 – The Cons we’ve experienced hiring VAs and how we found solutions
31:30 – Stella’s extra points to consider before hiring your VAs
32:00 – Location
34:30 – Price considerations
35:10 – Services that provide VAs
38:00 – Final Thoughts

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Items listed in the show (Affiliate Links where applicable)
Virtual Freedom By Chris Ducker
Camtasia (for Mac and PC)
Virtual Helper 247
Girl Friday VA Solutions
Remote Staff
Virtual Staff Finder – Chris Ducker’s VA sourcing company

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