PODCAST: The Monday Show EP 04 – How To Handle Negative Feedback

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: The Monday Show EP 04 – How To Handle Negative Feedback

Hello once again to all our Smart-Es!

Welcome to the The Monday Show Podcast where we Stella Hui and Cam H Lynch have a short conversation about issues affecting entrepreneurs worldwide.
Every episode, we share priceless business and entrepreneur insights plus heaps more!

On this episode we talk about those gut-wrenching blows that can rock our oh-so-sensitive entrepreneurial egos to the core – that’s right, it’s the Boogeyman of any personally backed endeavor; negative feedback!

For the early entrepreneur, this can be a massive blow to their motivation, making the hustle behind their nifty start up, working to achieve business freedom or the ultimate path to success a much harder task.

But fear not, as we have the solutions for you to counter-act this Boogeyman and keep you on the right track!

In this episode of The Monday Show dive into:
– Personal experiences with negative feedback
– How setting the expectations early and often can decrease the occurrence of this kind of feedback
– How to turn people giving negative feedback into some of your biggest advocates
– Handling particularly nasty personal “feedback”

When you hear a negative comment, act how you would want your employees to act - Stella Hui Click To Tweet Setting the expectation is so important and that's what helps mitigate frivolous connotations - Cam H Lynch Click To Tweet Get feedback regularly. Make it part of your daily tasks. If negative feedback comes it won't seem like the end of the world Click To Tweet

We hope this episode really helps with what can be a debilitating issue for many entrepreneurs business and personal lives.

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If you would like to reach out to give US feedback (negative or otherwise) feel free to drop us a line anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

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