PODCAST: Shareable EP01 – Design & Branding With Jessie Ford Coots

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Shareable – Jessie Ford Coots

Hello and welcome to SHAREABLE – Our new podcast series where we chat to amazing entrepreneurs from around the globe!

Our first guest for Shareable is an inspirational young lady named Jessie Ford Coots.

Jessie is the owner + designer behind Untethered, a boutique graphic design studio in the Midwest USA that specializes in logo identity, branding, print advertising, stationery + more.
She enjoys giving new and old businesses creative makeovers, as well as providing monthly services to other companies and non-profits. She is a new wife and freshly migrated from southern Ohio to southern Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

Jessie has a degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University, worked as a designer (and eventually an art director) in corporate, non-profit and mostly agency sectors throughout Columbus, Ohio the last 8 years, all while freelancing (as a second job) — and working to grow a client base of her own. Beginning in January of 2016, she took the leap to full-time self employment and has never looked back!

This was a very interesting conversation about her upbringing, her overall outlook on life, the very personal origin of the name of her design studio, Untethered, plus a lot more.

It was a very fun conversation and it made me think a lot about the way I conduct business and myself in life as whole – and I hope our listeners will also take away a lot from this interview.

A small disclaimer – this interview was actually conducted back at the end of last year, but as far as I know, all the details are up to date. But make sure you drop Jessie a line via her website or social media – all the links and details will be in the show notes.

So without further ado, here is my conversation with Jessie Ford Coots.

0:00 – Introduction – Who is Jessie Ford Coots?
4:00 – Describe yourself!
6:30 – How you went about working for yourself
9:50 – How did you know design was for you?
15:15 – Staying on the cutting edge of her craft during and after college
19:00 – The origin story of Jessie’s business name, Untethered Designs
27:40 – Coming back from adversity
42:30 – Some of the largest challenges you face?
48:10 – Advice to up and coming entrepreneur designers and creative professionals
54:00 – How to have the correct mindset as a business creative professional
59:30 – Jessie’s best business hack that has delivered the best returns
1:05:45 – Advice for your 18 year old self
Where you can find Jessie online:

Untethered Design





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