PODCAST: Shareable EP04 – A Broadcasters Journey With Fred Mafrica

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Shareable EP04 – Fred Mafrica

Hello there Smart-Es! It’s time for another engaging installment of The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast series Shareable! On this episode, we chat to the charming Fred Mafrica.

Since 2002, Fred has hosted and produced the variety talk show The Couch on Foxtel to growing popularity.

Focusing on local talent and fostering a work and production ethic in young people who want to enter TV and broadcasting at all levels, Fred possesses a wealth of knowledge and down to earth insight that would benefit any entrepreneur in any niche.

In our conversation fred talks about how his background in the public sector helps him manage his teams today, what Fred looks for in new staff – whether they be presenters, production staff or anything in between, how fred has crafted a life where is still able to do as he pleases and produce the show he wants without having to compromise or bow down to the demands of networks or advertisers, how he deals with adversity – namely when his studio was closed down back in 2008 – and how he managed to get back on track, plus so much more.

Fred is so well versed in business in a sector that is notoriously hard to crack. And he’s managed to do it for so long without having to compromise on his principles. So much insight, I’d challenge anyone to listen and NOT take something away from this conversation.

A small disclaimer – this interview was actually conducted back at the end of last year, but as far as I know, all the details are up to date. But make sure you drop Fred a line via his website or social media – all the links and details will be in the show notes.

So here it is – our conversation with Fred Mafrica.

0:00 – Introduction – Who is Fred Mafrica?
3:45 – Describe yourself!
9:00 – Learning more about Fred’s process
13:00 – Work ethic and the ability to experiment with the TV format
16:30 – Exercising the creative freedom like an online entrepreneur
19:00 – Strategic partnerships despite your audience
22:00 – Fred’s origins in the public sector
27:30 – The turning point for Fred to go it alone
36:30 – How Fred crafted a strong personal brand at minimal cost
43:00 – Being able to say “No” comfortably
46:00 – 2008 hits and the show closes down – How Fred deals with adversity
52:00 – Leveraging your network for a new start
1:01:00 – How Fred works with Millennials and how to get the most of them
1:08:30 – Advice for Fred’s 30 year old self


Where you can find Fred online:

The Couch




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