PODCAST: Shareable EP03 – Hitting the Reset Button with Laura Sprinkle

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Shareable EP03 – Laura Sprinkle

Hello there Smart-Es! It’s time for The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast series Shareable! And on this episode, we chat to the very interesting Laura Sprinkle.

Laura Sprinkle who runs LauraSprinkle.com and previously Soul Fire Revolution is an intuitive branding strategist for soulful entrepreneurs – from design to launch

Focusing on branding from the heart and soul, creating a website that looks pretty AND converts browsers to buyers and giving yourself permission to want what you want and follow your intuition Laura helps business owners and entrepreneurs to bring the snap, sizzle, and pop back into their business with a combination of soul-felt inspiration and no-BS tools and techniques.

Travelling to abroad, namely Bolivia and Chile, gave her experiences and challenged her pre-conceived notions which made her a better entrepreneur today
Plus we touch on how deleting her business was the best thing that ever happened to her and her bank account, how jealousy led Laura to make more money and be happier, Laura’s very low-tech business hack and a ton more!

Great conversation with a lot of interesting insight which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

A small disclaimer – this interview was actually conducted back at the end of last year, but as far as I know, all the details are up to date. But make sure you drop Laura a line via her website or social media – all the links and details will be in the show notes.

So let’s get to it! Here is my one-on-one with Laura Sprinkle.

0:00 – Introduction – Who is Laura Sprinkle?
4:00 – Describe yourself!
5:15 – Laura’s process for delivering the most to her clients
9:00 – Laura speaks on her intuition of others and how this unique skill came about
12:15 – College enrolment with an ulterior motive of travelling abroad
18:30 – Daily challenges to overcome
22:30 – The stigma of being coached as a coach
27:00 – Deleting her own business and why it was one of the best decisions Laura ever made.
31:30 – The tipping point for deleting the business
36:00 – Laura’s best business hacks
43:45 – Advice for Laura’s 18 year old self

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