PODCAST: Shareable EP 15 – Empowering Women Worldwide While Disrupting Markets With Modibodi’s Kristy Chong

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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Lab Podcast: Shareable EP 15 – Empowering Women Worldwide While Disrupting Markets With Modibodi’s Kristy Chong

Welcome to the Smart E-Labs podcast series, Shareable!

Here is where we have conversations with amazing entrepreneurs who are killing it worldwide. Today’s guest is Kristy Chong who is the founder and CEO of Modibodi.

Modibodi is an Australian designer and manufacturer of fashionable, comfortable, highly technical underwear. It is designed to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables. Everything from sweat, light bladder leaks, menstrual onset, to menstrual overflow/spotting, discharge, odour and breast milk leaks.

With a career background in PR for some large multinational companies, Kristy’s entrepreneurial fire was lit after a morning run. She felt her current line of female specific undergarments just weren’t cutting the mustard.
So armed with zero knowledge of the textile or clothing design industry, tireless work ethic and a sub-conscience that is completely on her side, in 2013 Kristy went on to found and launch Modibodi.

How well has Kristy done since 2013?

The answer would be, “Exceptionally well.’

Modibodi has been nominated and win a raft of product and business awards including:

  • Parenting Magazine, Mother & Baby Award Bronze Medal Winner 2016
  • St George Bank, Ausmumpreneur 2015 Winner
  • Australian Women’s Weekly/CPA, Business Woman of the Year Awards, Highly Commended Winner 2016
  • Westpac Business of Tomorrow Top 200 Company 2017
  • Named top Australian female entrepreneur for 2017 by Sydney Morning Herald

In this interview, Kristy and I chat about how running actually spurned the birth of her company Modibodi. Kristy is not only disrupting the ladies apparel industry but also conventions in the use of models and brand ambassadors. She talks about how leveraging the knowledge of your network, or even your significant other, can make all the difference in making your business goals achievable. She shares her business challenges, best business hacks, plus heaps more.

An amazing conversation with an amazing woman, and we’re very appreciative of her time and insight. Without further ado, please enjoy our interview with Kristy Chong.

– Show Notes –

00:00 – Who’s Kristy Chong?
03:15 – Origin of Kristy’s endless motivation
07:15 – Kristy’s early business learnings on the job
11:15 – How a huge gap in the market lead to the early stages of Modibodi
16:45 – How Kristy dealt with pullback from the media investment community due to the “taboo” nature of her products
20:00 – Biggest challenges Kristy faced in developing her company, how she overcame them
23:15 – Approaching foreign markets
26:45 – The strong sense of charity that drives Kristy and her company
31:15 – The decision to sign Paralympian Rae Anderson as first brand ambassador to Modibodi
37:45 – Will Modibodi ever move to the male undergarment space?
38:18 – Kristy’s Best Business Hack
40:15 – Best advice for Kristy’s 20 year old self
41:00 – What If Question: When Modibodi ascends to industry royalty, what would be Kristy’s “true passion” to pursue for that next phase of her life?

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Resources/People mentioned in this episode (Affiliate Links where applicable):

Dr James Chong
Rae Anderson
Seth Godin
Email marketing

Charities Modibodi currently partners with:
The McGrath Foundation
Share the Dignity
Days For Girls

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