Periscope for Business – Great engagement or potential disaster?

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It seems like just when you’re getting used to the newest social media platform, another one pops up.
Periscope, the live streaming app for mobile, has had a lot of buzz surrounding the platform since it first came onto the social media scene back in March 2015.

That buzz has gone from strength to strength; backed by the ownership by parent company Twitter, having bested it’s biggest rival in Meerkat and, if recent figures are to be believed, Periscope has been used for more than 200 million broadcasts since its launch.

According to the company themselves, Periscope users also watch around 110 years (or close to 1 million hours) of live streams every single day.
So with all that in mind, it’s hardly surprizing people are flocking to the platform to get in on the buzz.
But once they get there, they are starkly reminded it’s LIVE STREAMING!

Yes, no scripts, no second takes, no do-overs. Once its out there and someone has seen it, it’s hard to get back.
If you’re either an entrepreneur, have a personal brand or are a business owner, let’s get a little more familiar with the platform and learn how using Periscope for business can potentially work wonders for you.

So What Exactly Is Periscope?

Simply put, this platform allows you to “go live” on your mobile device at any location and at any time. It’s kind of like having your own portable broadcasting station. And just like Twitter, you send and receive notifications from your audience and people are able to give you feedback, have live discussions with you and share your video.
However, lest you fear that any of your embarrassments will be digitally immortalized for all eternity, the video does not remain on the site forever. Once you’re done broadcasting, your visitors can watch and comment on your video for up to 24 hours before it is removed from the app.
But should you wish to keep the video, you can adjust your settings so you can keep a copy of your “Scope” on your device for future posterity.

Can Using Periscope For Business Really Work?

Though this app is mainly used for personal interactions, businesses and brands are starting to catch on and take advantage of it as well.


Well, just like any other social media platform–it’s engaging and it gets your audience’s attention. But it’s real appeal comes from being able to engage in real time. As a viewer asks a question, you can respond right away and nothing can beat that level of engagement online.

Here are just a few ways on how to use Periscope for business, no matter what stage of business you’re at:

1. Grow Your Influence

Real-time interactions are becoming extremely popular. It’s not enough to leave a message or comment anymore. People want to feel as if they are in the moment with you.

In my opinion, Periscope provides one of the best opportunities for business owners and brands to form a community. If your content is engaging enough, you’ll be able to expand your reach to a demographic that you never could have on other social media networks.

2. Tell Your Story

People want more than just facts and figures.
They want to know your personal history.
They want to know your struggle.
Sometime they even really want to know how the sausage get made.

Periscope gives you the ability to naturally tell your story without it seeming forced or rehearsed. The live broadcast makes it all feel more organic. People appreciate this as it humanizes the broadcaster and in turn, makes them easier to relate to.

3. Make Announcements

Though press releases are still relevant and useful today, they aren’t absolutely necessary.
The great thing about Periscope is that it cuts out the middle man. It removes the barrier that would be between you and your audience. If you have company news and special announcements, then why not deliver them live?

Or better yet, if you have an idea for your company but aren’t quite sure it’s the right move, why not pitch it to your audience first and check the response?
It’s like having a mini focus group in your pocket where you get instant feedback – Amazing right?

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4. Answer Questions

Periscope gives your audience the ability to see that you care about how they feel. As commentary and questions stream into the side panels of your video, you can take time to address them one by one. Your customers will be able to see your authentic reactions as they come in.
They can also learn to appreciate how passionate and knowledgeable you are about all of your products and services.

Things To Consider Before Use

A lot of companies always jump on the band wagon because it seems like the thing to do. It’s the whole FOMO thing as opposed to sticking to a clear business plan. Some would sign straight up to the platform without even knowing how to use Periscope let alone knowing how to use Periscope for business!
This is especially the case when it comes to new social media platforms like this. Yes, Periscope can work wonders for your brand and business, but unlike other platforms you have to keep creating live content for it to truly work.

Creating live content in and of itself is a skill you need to work on and hone to the temperament of your audience.

Along with the unusual format there is the usual glut of questions you need to ask before jumping onto any new Social Media Platform;
– Does it add to your business or take away from it?
– Does your brand, products or services fit into Periscope’s environment?
– Does your audience even use Periscope?
While you might really love the idea of the platform, unless you can honestly answer the above in a positive light, you might be best off leaving the platform alone for now.

Work Smarter, Not Harder…

Twitter saw the potential in live streaming and purchased Periscope. A year later the massive user numbers are now sending a very clear message…

This app and the live streaming format will be around for quite some time.

Businesses are taking note of this and are trying to find out in which ways it will benefit them.
By looking hard enough, they’ll be able to see how it can expand their audience, help them tell their story, create real time engagement and build rapport with customers.

However, it’s very important that every business owner takes time to think about whether or not this particular platform compliments their products and services.
Depending on your niche, what works for Facebook may not work for Twitter. What works for blogs may not work for live streaming.
It all depends on context.
Do your research carefully and make the best decision you can for your brand or company.

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