What Is Mindfulness? An Entrepreneur’s Intro To Meditation

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I’m sure you’ve read countless blogs about methods and ideals to make your life better.

Chances are, when you put these life hacks into practice, the results were disappointing to say the least.

But mindfulness meditation (Mindfulness for short) is a technique that boosts your overall performance by physically altering parts of your brain.

This isn’t speculation either. There’s scientific research to back these claims up.

Further studies show how mindfulness meditation positively restructures your brain.

Researchers are finding exciting improvements in 2 key areas of the brain; the anterior cingulate cortex or ACC (which is responsible for self control) and the hippocampus (which is responsible for resilience in the face of setbacks and every day challenges).

Mindfulness is proven to be an effective form of meditation that enables you to control any unruly behaviors or thoughts.

Mindfulness practitioners claim to be:

 – More focused;

 – Less stressed;

 – Feel more in control; and

 – Able to easily organize and streamline their thoughts.

Any or all of the above benefits would be immensely useful for any modern entrepreneur.

Luckily, you don’t have to join a meditation group to claim the benefits of mindfulness. Just a few minutes at day is all it takes to increase brain density and reap the awards of this unique form of meditation.

Mindfulness 101 – focusing on the present

Part of the beauty of mindfulness is its simplicity; it only takes you a few minutes per day and you can practise it anywhere.

At it’s core it’s just simply the act of focusing all of your attention on the present.

In basic terms, Mindfulness just requires you to observe your own thoughts and feelings objectively.

This means without judgement or any preconceived biases you might have.

Mindfulness helps you to awaken your experience and live in the moment, thus life no longer just passes you by, but you are IN your stream of consciousness and really experiencing it.

If Mindfulness sounds a bit “hippy dippy” to you and a waste of your time, then you’re not thinking like a TRUE entrepreneur!

 Despite any preconceived notions on meditation, as an entrepreneur, if someone said they had a  FREE method that only took minutes a day to give you laser focus, less stress and make you feel more in control, you’d jump in head first wouldn’t you?

Plus Mindfulness teaches you to observe WITHOUT judgement, so it can help you become more accepting to new ideas as well.

If you’re ready to leave any past negative thoughts about meditation behind you, and willing to try something that can change your life, then let’s go!

The Smart Entrepreneurs’ Lab Beginner Guide to Mindfulness in 5 Easy Steps

1. Focus on the Breath

Sitting in a comfortable chair or on the floor, with relaxed posture, spend a few moments doing nothing but simply breathing in and out.

Maintain your focus on your breath.

Feel that sensation of the air travelling into your mouth, down your throat, felling up your lungs and then feeling of pushing the air out of your lungs.

When distracting thoughts enter into your mind, simply let them pass by. Then slowly return your attention towards your breath.

Over time you will be able to work up to several minutes of simply doing nothing but focusing on your breath while throwing all other thoughts or distractions by the wayside.

2. Movement as Meditation

You can even meditate just by going for a simple walk.

Focus on each step as you make them. Feel the sensation of your legs moving past one another, your feet hitting the ground and your shoes against your feet.

Focus solely on the act of walking and associations of your immediate environment (a small light breeze, the warm morning Sun, the traffic passing by).

When you feel other thoughts besides those immediately in your environment enter into your head, focus even harder on your walk and your environment.

By shifting your focus to something that is inherently natural to your life, this rewires your focus to calming thoughts instead of the relentless stream of thoughts that normally dominate your attention.

Other movements you can use in lieu of walks things like combing your hair, brushing your teeth is, or eating a meal.

3. Feel Your Movements

Practicing mindfulness can easily become a case of daily meditation in your everyday life.

All you need to do is to focus your attention on what you’re doing without thinking about why you’re doing it, what you should do next or what you should be doing right now.

From tapping your pen on the side of your face while you read your favorite blog, to the room temperature coffee touching your lips as you take a sip from your favorite mug, you can direct your attention from your thoughts to any bodily sensations that might occur in your every day schedule.

It’s that focus on feeling those sensations in the moment that Mindfulness is built on.

4. Echo Your Best Qualities

A main goal of mindfulness is to stop the stream of thoughts that cycle through your mind continuously.

So it may seem counter-intuitive to put additional thoughts in your head.

But by placing new positive thoughts about yourself and increasing your self worth, you can indeed block out the daily noise that would normally played you in your working life.

A phrase of choice for many mindfulness practitioners is

“I am capable”

The simplicity of this phrase keeps you grounded. It stops you from having to think of any potentially ego inflating phrases while also blocking other thoughts from entering your head.

5. Break the Cycle With This New Approach

If you feel your working habits are creating a cycle of stressful behaviors, this would be the perfect time to take a break to practise some mindfulness.

Simply drop what you’re doing and let your thoughts go for a moment. Practise your favorite technique even for a few minutes and this could make a huge difference on quieting your mind, reducing stress and breaking the pattern of destructive work or life habits.

Work smarter, not harder, by…

Starting to practice mindfulness as part of your daily routine.

The earlier you begin the more effective you’ll find the practice. A reduction in stress and a sharper focus in your daily work life will soon follow for the entrepreneur who maintains their mindfulness practice.

Have YOU tried Mindfulness Meditation yet?
How was your experience with it?
Do you use any different forms of Meditation?
We’d love to hear from you about your Meditation practices or… well, anything really!
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