How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes!

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How to Start Your Own Blog In 10 Minutes

How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes!

Blogging has the potential to change lives and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for the average person. If you’ve been following our sites regularly, you’d know that Cam and I LOVE to create new blogs and websites, both for ourselves and our clients.

Every time we create a new blog, it’s like a fresh start to an adventure with no limits. The monetizing opportunities of a blog is endless, and above all, it’s a place for the creator to release their knowledge, thoughts and ideas to the world.

The crazy thing is that you can start a money-making blog in less than 10 minutes, and on just a few dollars!


Sounds FAB! How do I Start My Own Blog?

For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to start your own blog using WordPress and Bluehost.

Why WordPress? Because it is the most popular open source Content Management System used in over 73 million websites, and is completely free, flexible and easy to install.

Why Bluehost? Because your hosting service can make or break your website (literally)! By picking the wrong provider, you may be stuck with slow loading times, site crashes, heaps of downtime and even increased hacking attempts. Nobody has time for that!

Bluehost is one of the few hosting services that provide true 24/7 customer service, fast loading times, FREE domain and site-builders, 30-day money back guarantee, plus a super easy 1-click installation process (see below). Not to mention it’s the #1 hosting service used by over 2 million websites and recommended by WordPress itself!

Now you may be wondering, “What about Blogger or Tumlr or any of the free sites that hosts your blog for you?” To that I say….. NO NO NO.

These sites are sufficient if you want to journal your thoughts or compile a funny site full of memes for your friends. But if you’re actually keen to create a credible blog that you can monetize and your audience will take seriously, you need to have your own hosting and domain.

Not only is it harder (sometimes impossible) to make money from a blog hosted on another platform, but it’s also seen as less professional.


Okay I Get It! So How Do I Start My Blog?

Now, assuming that you have:

– Picked the niche topic your blog will be about;  

– Picked the name and domain of your blog; and

– A decent internet connection (obviously a 10min process can take twice as long if your internet speed is as slow as molasses!)

Well, then get out your timer and LET’S GET YOUR BLOG LIVE IN 10 MINUTES!



Step 1: Sign up for Bluehost and Register Your Domain Name

How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes! https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost

First of all, head on over to Bluehost and click on the green “Get Started Now” button.

You’ll be taken to 3 different plan options.


Step 2: Select your plan of choice

How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes! - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehostFor most blogs, the BASIC plan will suffice and you can always upgrade later as you need.

It’s important to note here that you’ll be given the option to sign up for 12, 24, 36 or even 60 months. I highly recommend 12 months or longer because you’ll receive your domain for FREE in the first year. Plus you get a cheaper price for signing up for 12 months ($5.95 per month, instead of $8.99 per month).

Of course, the longer your plan, the cheaper it is. The best value deal is the 36 month plan at only $3.95 per month (these are insane prices for web hosting!) but I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than that. At 60 months, the price doesn’t change at all so there’s no point signing up for that long – unless you just want to lock it in for longer so you don’t have to think about it later.



Step 3: Set Up Your Domain

Once you’ve selected your plan of choice, you will be directed to a page to choose your domain name:

How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes! Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost

You can get your domain directly through Bluehost (super easy!) or you can sign up with an existing domain.  

A brand new domain is FREE for the first year if you buy 12 months worth of web hosting. It really saves the hassle of going through another service provider. Plus (again) you also get a cheaper price for signing up for 12 months. Cheaper still if you go 24 or 36 months.

So, enter your domain name of choice and, as long as it’s available, you will be directed straight to the payment and package selection page.



Step 4: Confirm Plan Selection & Payment

Here is where you enter your details and select the services you want.

Make sure you confirm the correct account plan you want to signup for is selected under Package Information.

How to Start Your Own Blog in Just 10 Minutes! Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost

You will also be given a number of extra optional services to choose from. It’s perfectly fine to uncheck all the boxes and just opt for the hosting. These services can be implemented later.

However, I would opt for the Domain Privacy Protection (so the general public will not have access to my personal details) and the Site Backup Pro (which backs up your website so if anything goes wrong, you can reinstall a previously saved version without losing any important content). These do cost a little bit extra, but worth it for the peace of mind you’ll get in knowing your details and site are safe.

When you’re done, enter your credit card details on the bottom for billing and click SUBMIT.

Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost


Step 5: Set Up a Password

Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost


You now need to set up a password for your account. This password is very important and should be kept in a safe place. Don’t take those instructions lightly. It is extremely important  that you choose a secure password with a mix of numbers, letters and symbols.


Step 6: Sign In and Install WordPress

Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost

This is my favorite part of the process. It’s the part where I feel like a total tech wiz because I’m creating a website with the press of just ONE button.

That powerful button is Install WordPress, located at the bottom in the Website section.

Click on it, and the wait for the magic to happen.



Step 7: Set Up Your WordPress Logins

Bluehost - Best Hosting Service https://smartentrepreneurslab.com/bluehost

The final piece of the puzzle is just to set up your login details so you can access your blog. Easy peasy!

Site Name or Title: The name of your site or blog.
Admin Username: Whatever you want your username to be. Avoid using generic names like “admin” or your website’s name. If hackers ever targeted your site, those would be the first usernames they’ll try, so pick something unique.
Admin Password: Again, whatever you want but preferably something with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Now click on INSTALL and VOILA! Just like magic, you have a BRAND NEW BLOG!

Of course, if you wish to customize your blog, change the theme, add plugins and so on, you can. But you don’t have to. The blog as it stands, is ready for you to start posting and sharing your content to the world!
EASY, right?



Let’s Recap

Too much going on above? Let’s keep it simple then.

Step 1: Head on over to Bluehost

Step 2: Select the plan of choice (preferably at least 12mths to get a free domain for your first year). I highly recommend 36mths at $3.95.

Step 3: Set up domain name

Step 4: Confirm your plan selection and any extras. I recommend the Domain Privacy Protection and Site Backup Pro, but not necessary. Submit account and payment details.

Step 5: Setup password for cPanel access.

Step 6: Sign into cPanel and install WordPress

Step 7: Setup WordPress logins.

Step 8: Pour a glass of wine and celebrate the first step to your blogging journey!!

Let us know how you go with the tutorial above! If you’re struggling or need any help, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@smartentrepreneurslab.com!

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