Developing Good Habits Is Great, But Can You Guess What Is Better?

I recently found out all the good habits I’ve been working hard towards have been a complete waste of time. Everywhere it seems that everyone is trying (or at least talking about trying!) to develop good habits. “I’m trying to get […]

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Make Your Social Media Management A Breeze With Hootsuite

Ain’t social media great? As an entrepreneur, you can do so much with it. Inform. Engage. Entertain. Amuse. Educate. Offer. Create. And so much more.   As social media has grown in popularity, so too has it’s functionality and ability […]

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How Procrastination Can Kill Your Business

I meant to write this post six months ago. But I didn’t. Because …something came up. I meant to write it again one month ago. But I didn’t. Because …I was busy with something else. I meant to start writing it […]

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