About Us

We are Stella and Cam.

A dorky, crazy and restless couple that have somehow managed business ownership success in an insane world where memes, cat videos and Justin Bieber are the most shared content on the internet.

Smart E-Labs (formerly Talkin’ Business) is where we share our insights on our business successes, failures and everything in between.

Who are you guys? Why should we care about what you say?!

Yeah, we hear ya!

The internet is swimming with self-proclaimed gurus and experts, claiming their 8-figure incomes and 2-hour work weeks. Well, we are not them.

We are simply a couple who had broken out of the 9-5 grind in 2011, became our own bosses, and are now earning a comfortable 6-figure income to support our #BusinessFreedom lifestyles.

We work only part time hours on our businesses, and everything we do is out of choice, not necessity. If we want, we can put in more hours into our businesses and grow them tomorrow, or we can put in even less hours and let our very capable team of staff essentially run everything for us.

We don’t worry about bills, we buy what we want (within reason!) and we can take vacations whenever we like.

We’d love to tell you our magic solution to success, and how you too can work just part-time hours and earn 6-figures overnight….but we can’t. Unfortunately the magic solution doesn’t exist, and we worked extremely hard for a long time before we achieved these results.

What we can tell you, however, are all the things we learnt during our entrepreneurial journey (and are still learning every day). We don’t profess to be experts, but we are experienced. As serial entrepreneurs, with businesses both on and off line, we’ve failed and succeeded enough times over the years to know what works and what doesn’t.

We’re here to share that with you. To help you to work smarter, not harder, so that you too can achieve #BusinessFreedom and financial abundance!

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